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Bloomfield Luxury Soy Aromatherapy Candle Set, 4pc



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Inspired by nature the Bloomfield designers have created an elegant gift set to bring the scents and light of the natural world into your home. Expertly formulated to fragrance the atmosphere and enhance the mood, each complimentary scent is unique. With sandalwood and eucalyptus to revive and restore, rose to rest and relax. water hibiscus to balance the emotions and lavender to calm and soothe.

Vegan formulas with no nasty chemicals. Four mood enhancing premium fragrances. Recyclable ecofriendly glass. All stylishly packaged in an elegant reusable natural wooden storage box. Suitable for men and women and popular for self-purchase as well as gifting.

Choose the candle that matches your mood and allow your mind to wander.

Each candle stylishly presented in minimalist recyclable glass.


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