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Personalized Romantic Gifts For Him


6.5 inches
6.5 inches
7.7 inches
7.7 inches
9.6 inches
9.6 inches
12 inches
12 inches
14 inches
14 inches


We will notify the receiver of the gift by email or text message.



We will notify the receiver of the gift by email or text message.


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Custom Man Bobbleheads, Personalized Romantic Gifts For Him, Romantic Gifts For Husband, Best Gift Ideas Anniversary For Him.

100% Handmade bobbleheads from your Photo single or double or team member.Just send your high resolution photos to us and select the hair, eyes and skin color for your bobblehead.

1. Premium Material,We use a type of nontoxic, polychrome and transformable material – polymer clay, which can make your bobblehead very alive-looking and that’s the point we can change and adjust the bobblehead heaps of times.In addition, the color of our bobble head won’t fade away and rub off. Many other Seller use cheap poly resin to make the bobblehead, and they paint it head-to-toe, which make it very crude.
2. After you placed an order, please send your photo to us. Please send us the following information (a positive photo with clear facial features and a desired costume image). You can give full scope to your imagination to design the pose and details of the figure;
3. Please select the hair, eyes and skin tone of the figure from the last attached picture( Choose hair color, skin color, eye color and send a message).
4.After the figure’s head is finished, we will send you the photo via message for confirmation. Please note to check.Once completed, the torso is directly finalized. Modification and confirmation process is not available.
5. If we don’t find the model which I want, How should i choose? Changing clothing and pose free of charge. If you can choose the body pose, but do not like the clothing, you can choose the similar one and then write the changing request on the message box, we would make the bobblehead according to your request.
6.Can i change the small accessories on the model? The small accessories on the bobblehead’s hand can be changed, free of charge, you need to leave the message or send the picture to me.

About Size:
Net weight of a single bobble head is about 0.3 kg – 0.4kg and 0.6kg – 0.8kg for a couple dolls. Standard Height :Standard height of our customized bobble head is between 6.5- 12 inches. No matter how tiny your accessory is,we will make it vivid with over 90% similarity.

Shipping time:
The production time is about 2 weeks and it is expected to be delivered within 5~7days. The delivery time depends on how many times the figure is revised. We will fully cooperate with you until you are 100% satisfied during the production process.
How to use bobbleheads:
Everyone wants their big event day to be unique and memorable. One you revceive the bobbleheads, you can put them on the cake. This is the smaller version of both of you. Everyone is paying attention to your grand day and will also focus on your bobblehead. Lifelike expression and meticulous each detail of the sculpture can not only make your big event day unconventional, but also allow everyone to have a permanent memory of your event day.In addition, you can also place it on the desk or in the window of your home or office. Once you see it, good memories will be displayed in your own eyes.Due to fully handmade custom,your bobbleheads are in a class by itself.
If you need a refund, please contact us.
(1.) We can refund you the total value, if the order is canceled in 24 hours. But this policy is not suitable for the expedited order.
(2.) We believe our products have the best quality and most favorable price. But if the order is canceled over 24 hours, 50% of the total value will be charged for the costs of material and labor. As this is a customized goods, we cannot sell it out again.
(3.) We have bought freight insurance for each order, if breakage happened, please report in 24 hours after you received the package, otherwise, express company cannot ensure that it is belongs to a damage on the way, we also cannot recreate for free.

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6.5 inches, 7.7 inches, 9.6 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches


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